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sbi clerk salary in hand: The job of all clerks in a bank job is considered one of the best jobs.

Many candidates are affected by “in hand salary of sbi clerk” and sbi bank clerk prepares for the job.

sbi clerk starting salary in hand” may be useful in starting, but as your experience increases, you get good “sbi clerk salary hike” annually.

sbi salary package” is the highest in the “salary of bank clerk” category for clerk jobs. Also the facilities available with it such as Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA)

sbi clerk exam pattern

What information you will get in this article

✅ Total in hand salary of sbi clerk

✅ sbi clerk career growth

✅ sbi clerk salary structure

✅ sbi clerk salary slip

sbi clerk salary after 7th pay commission

✅ sbi clerk salary calculator

sbi Bank clerk Salary

  • SBI offers a hands-on pay scale for its SBI Junior Associates at entry-level with various levels. So as compared to other banks, SBI provides a better basic salary.
  • Initial gross monthly SBI Clerk salary (in-hand) of around 23,500 with base salary of 23,500. The maximum basic salary of SBI clerk is (31,450 (after a periodic increase in years)).

The details of the basic pay scale component of SBI Clerk Salary 2020 are as follows;

latest sbi clerk notification 2020

We have written this article so that the candidates preparing for the SBI Clerk Exam should know the salary structure and the total salary of the SBI Clerk post.

Below are all the details about SBI Clerk Salary: job profile, salary structure, career growth opportunities, and much more.

The SBI clerk’s salary includes factors other than basic SBI clerk’s pay scales such as DBA, HRA, special allowance, transportation, and more. SBI’s standard clerical salary structure is generally the same and does not change on an annual basis.

Thus you should know the salary of the SBI Clerk given below as per SBI Script Notification 2021.

11765-655/3-13730-815/3-16175-980/4-20095-1145/7-28110- 2120/1- 30230-1310/1-31450. The starting Basic Pay is `13075.00 (`11765.00 plus two advance increments admissible to graduates.)

Compensation – On starting salary for a candidate, the basic salary will be Rs 11,765 / -, with an annual increase of Rs 655 / -.

salary 3 years from the year of joining: Rs. 13,730 / – with an annual increase of Rs.813 / – for the next 3 years.

6 years after next 4 years: Rs. 16,175 / – with an annual increase of one year of Rs. 980 / – for next 4 years

Salary after next 7 years: Rs.20,095 /-  for the next 7 years with an annual increase of 1145/-.

After next 1 year: Rs 28,110 with an annual increase of Rs 2120 for the next year.

Salary after 1 year: Rs. 30,230 with an annual increase of Rs. 1310 for next year.

Maximum basic salary of SBI Clerk – Rs. 31,450 / -.

I hope you have got an idea what is the salary of clerk in sbi

sbi clerk cash in hand salary

what is sbi clerk salary in hand?

Currently, the salary of sbi clerk in India is around Rs. 11765 / – and several increments are added to it.

as the employee gradually works for the bank. There are various other components in the salary structure for SBI clerk which makes this post desirable.

The major aspects of SBI Clerk salary in hand structure in India are given below:


Basic Pay

Dearance amount5311.58/-
Transport Allowance425/-
Total (without HRA)18413.37/-
Gross with HRA19589.87/-

sbi clerk career growth


SBI clerk is a profile with various responsibilities. The group of responsibilities given below should be fulfilled by a clerk in SBI:

  • dealing with customers
  • Handling cash counters
  • Helping customers with passbook updation,
  • chequebook and other functions
  • Helping managers
  • Assisting and documenting customers to obtain loans
  • Account opening and closing

There are many opportunities that are given to an SBI clerk to be promoted to higher positions.

There are internal examinations and interviews which are conducted at regular intervals where employees can apply for promotion.

Interested individuals can check the salary structure for the post of Probationary Officer for both private and public sector banks on the Bank PO Pay Page.

The salary of an SBI clerk also increases as the future of an employee in the organization continues to be promoted to higher positions.

SBI Clerk or Junior Associate Examination is one of the most sought after ones. It is hard to crack and the competition is also very high.

In addition, candidates can check SBI Clerk Preliminary Exam Analysis to know more about exam pattern and exam level.

SBI Clerk has immense growth opportunities and can reach a higher level as a General Manager. However, depending on the posts, certain eligibility criteria have to be met. Also, candidates have to appear for the required examination and / or interview.

A job as a Junior Associate at State Bank of India comes with a lot of responsibilities. But in terms of career development, an employee has many opportunities to get promotion and grow within the bank.

An SBI clerk also maintains stability in life in terms of career development with flexible hours, financial security and the prospect of a prestigious job.

SBI clerks have vast growth opportunities and avenues which are better than the clerks of any other public sector banks. In addition, he can reach a higher level as general manager. However, depending on the posts, there will always be a specific eligibility criteria that they must meet. Also, they have to appear for important examination and / or interview

As you can see, SBI Clerk is a wonderful job to start someone’s banking career. The salary of an SBI clerk is sufficient for an entry level government job. Other benefits and growth opportunities also make it one of the most desirable jobs in India.

SBI Clerk Promotion

State Bank of India conducts internal written examination which is to clarify the candidates whether they want to be promoted. An SBI clerk will be promoted in two ways:

  • In-cadre promotion
  • Promotion to officer cadre

In-cadre promotion

It is said that cadre promotion is based on home posting, which is a time-bound promotion.

  • Through in-cadre promotion, the selected candidates will get Rs. Special allowance of Rs. 800 / – with a total salary of Rs. After 10 years of service, the assistant becomes a senior assistant.
  • After 20 years of service, an assistant becomes a special assistant officer. Special Assistant Officer will get special allowance of 2500 / -.
  • After 30 years of service, the Special Assistant Officer becomes Senior Special Assistant and is paid Rs. Special allowance of Rs. 3500 / -.

Promotion to officer cadre

To become a trainee officer, an assistant must pass the JAIIB and CAIIB examinations from the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) in addition to approving the internal written examination and personal interview.

  • After 6 years of service as SBI Clerk, candidates are eligible to take an internal written examination to be promoted to a trainee officer holding State Bank of India. The trainee officer is similar to a probationary officer ie P.O.
  • The probation period of SBI PO lasts for 2 years. They will be given the rank of Junior Management Grade Scale-I or JMGS-I
  • After completing 2 years as a PO, the person will get the rank of Middle Management Grade Scale-II.
  • Any person who directly wants PO post should take SBI PO exam.

SBI Clerk Transfer Policy

Let’s have a look at the transfer policy of an SBI clerk which is mentioned below:

As per the notification, SBI Clerk Junior Associates are not eligible for out-of-state transfers for the first 5 years of service.

The candidates who have 8 years of service are eligible for a special recruitment drive for Tura, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh.


sbi clerk salary structure

If you want to know “sbi clerk new salary structure” then you will get a detailed analysis of it here.

Detail sbi clerk salary breakdown is as follow:


SBI Clerk Perks

SBI clerks will be eligible for various pensions, provident funds, gratuity, pension new pension scheme (defined contribution scheme), medical, holiday fair and other facilities as per bank instructions issued from time to time.

Apart from these perks, an SBI clerk will also get financial security, stability and medical insurance. Also, working with the central government is a great opportunity for the candidates.

SBI Clerk Allowances

Apart from basic salary, SBI has given some of the best allowances to its junior colleagues in the clerical cadre:

  1. Medical allowance
  2. Petrol allowance
  3. conveyance allowance
  4. Housing allowance
  5. Travel allowance
  6. Furniture allowance

Two-year sabbatical (leave) for female clerks as maternity leave or children’s education
Briefcase allowance
Entertainment allowance: TV and cable

  • Dearness allowance (DA)

This allowance has been revised on a quarterly basis in the months of February, May, August and November. It is based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) declared by the Government of India. When inflation is high, DA increases and when inflation falls, DA decreases.

  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)

This allowance depends on the place of posting. Employees posted in metros like Mumbai, Delhi etc. are given better HRA than those posted in other cities.

Junior Agricultural Associates will be eligible to receive an additional amount called Special Pay of Rs. 490 / – P.M. Which is given for DA, HRA and Superannuation benefits

Apart from the above, SBI clerk salary includes various allowances such as furniture allowance, home maintenance allowance, books and magazine allowance, briefcase allowance, reimbursement of telephone bills, etc.

  • Leave policy

SBI’s leave policy is flexible. It gives 33 days privilege leave and 12 days casual leave to SBI employees. If a woman is pregnant, they have the advantage of being on leave for 2 years.

Single parents or aged parents can also rest for up to 2 years. This maternal or paternal holiday is typical for casual and privileged leaves, respectively.

If the employee does not want to take the privilege leaves, in that case, he can convert the number of his leaves to cash.

  • Travel policy

The bank offers its employees the opportunity to travel with the entire package along with a good guest house, holiday home. SBI clerks are offered to travel to some major cities or tourist destinations in India.

  • Medical allowance

The bank provides 100% medical benefits to SBI employees. Not only this, but their families are given the benefit of 75% medical reimbursement in case of any injury, illness or vaccination.

Other benefits in salary of SBI clerk

There are many benefits with the salary of SBI clerk. Some of them are described below:

Pension under New Pension Scheme (NPS)

flexible working hours
medical insurance
Financial security
Provident Fund
Good work environment, etc.

sbi clerk salary slip


SBI Clerk Salary 2020 can be described as the total monthly income received by Junior Associate of SBI.

SBI clerk-in-hand salary is a sum of basic salary and other salary components per month, such as House Rent Allowance (HRA), Variable Pay, Dearness Allowance (DA), City Compensatory Allowance (CCA), etc.

In addition to the basic salary on all other allowances, the gross monthly income of any SBI Junior Associate (Customer Support and Sales) is Rs. 25,000 / – depends on the city in which they are stationed. 

sbi clerk salary after 5 years


Currently, the basic “sbi bank clerk salary” in India is around Rs.11765 / – and several increments are added to it as the employee gradually works for the bank.

The pay structure for “SBI Junior Associate Pay Scale after 5 year” has many other components that make this post desirable.

sbi clerk salary after 5 years of service.

SBI Clerk Salary in India- Basic PayRs. 13075/-
Salary after 1st IncrementRs. 13730/-
Salary after 2nd IncrementRs. 16175/-
Salary after 3rd Increment Rs. 20095/- 
Salary after 4th IncrementRs. 28110/-
Salary after 5th incrementRs 30230/-


sbi clerk salary after 7th pay commision

At present, the basic SBI clerk salary in India is around Rs.1765 / – and after the 7th pay commission is imposed, the salary of all the clerks increases substantially.

Now, the new joining candidates will also get the benefit.

sbi clerk salary calculator (in hand)


If you want to calculate salary of SBI clerk, then there are many applications available in the market through which you can calculate salary of SBI clerk.

such type of application called a sbi clerk salary calculator

to calculate salary you have to put joining a year and basic pay it will automatically calculate the salary at present.

it may not be exact same but you could get rough idea about the current salay of sbi bank clerk employee.


in-hand salary of sbi clerk is always been fascinating topic for newbies. what do you think after knowing sbi cleark in hand payscale? would you like to join sbi organization as a clerk? tell us in a comment below!

FAQ (sbi clerk salary in hand)

Most frequent questions and answers

SBI Clerk Pay Scale will be 11765-655 / 3-13730-815 / 3-16175-980 / 4-20095-1145 / 7-28110-22120 / 1- 30230-1310 / 1-31450. This means that SBI Clerk (Junior Associate) gets a starting salary of Rs. 11,765 / – Rs. With an annual increase of 655 / -.

The salary of one hand SBI clerk varies between Rs. 18,000 / – to Rs. 22,000 / – per month at the time of joining.

Rs 30230/- will be salary of sbi clerk after 5 years of service. 

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